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Kauppakatu street in Varkaus is a street milieu lined with commercial and residential buildings mostly from the 1940s and 1950s that is uniform in terms of scale and urban and street landscape in the middle of the city in Taulumäki. Most of the planners of the three story buildings are renowned architects and many of the buildings are works by architect Kalevi Väyrynen. Atthe end of Kauppakatu street you can see a high water tower designed by Mr. Väyrynen that also contains apartments. The urban landscape of Varkaus, which was shaped between the 1940s and 1950s by Mr. Väyrynen when he was the township architect, is valued as aesthetically and technically sustainable.

Nowadays Kauppakatu street is the main shopping street with over 90 specialty shops. The shops have parking spaces for cars in front of them, but it is just as easy to walk. Kauppakatu street has gift shops and interior decorating shops, clothing and apparel shops, opticians, floral shops, hairdressers, and furniture shops etc.

You can take a break from your shopping at one of the pleasant cafes on Kauppakatu street to enjoy delicious pastries and to watch the bustle of the street they call the main street of Varkaus.