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You can find a lot of places to visit and things to do in Varkaus during winter. If your schedule won’t allow for a longer stay, here are 10 hot tips for must-see things:

1. Museum of mechanical music
Visit the museum and experience how music has been played before the mp3-player or hifi-systems.

2. Varkaus theater
Offering interesting and captivating theater performances.

3. Saimaa on the rocks – ice floating
You float in freezing cold water using Ursuit safety suit.

4. Taurus Hill Observatory
Observation nights and group visits.

5. Varkaus Ski Center
Enjoy the slopes near the city.

6. Warkaus-sali
Variety of different performances to see; music, stand-up, you name it.

7. Varkaus museums
The museum and art museum of Varkaus, free admission.

8. Art Center Väinölä
Changing art exhibitions.

9. Old Varkaus-walking tour
Take a sightseeing walk and see the beauty of old Varkaus.

10. Shopping in Varkaus
Varkaus is full of good finds!