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New life for public kitchen

Today the public kitchen (Kansankeittiö) commissioned by Walter Ahlström serves as a quality restaurant and as a venue for special occasions. Designed by Ivar and Valter Thome, the building is the oldest stone house of the ironworks milieu. The façade of the building is protected, as well as the colonnade and functionalist arch inside. The lush Waltteri park leads visitors to the idyllic restaurant, which has enough details for even a large group to admire.

Dining Services

Our restaurant offers culinary experiences for everyday life as well as special occasions. Come have lunch in our buffet or enjoy the delicacies on our à la carte menu. We appreciate local food and our menu includes many specialties such as local lake fish. We’ll help you plan meal options suitable to the situation, as well as catering for meetings, not forgetting the drinks. Our facilities can be used to celebrate special occasions throughout life. Our restaurant has a liquor license. There is seating for about 300 persons in our restaurant.

Conference services

Our conference rooms are easily converted for different kinds of events. In addition to the hall, the Ruukki and Pannu snugs are available as well as the upstairs conference rooms, which have places for about 100 people. Our restaurant also has sauna facilities that offer splendid steam as well as great place to relax.

Festive occasions

Restaurant Kaks Ruusua offers excellent facilities for a variety of celebrations, special occasions and events. The 100 year-old public kitchen has been remodeled into a restaurant entity that meets the requirements of today. The gorgeous crystal chandeliers and furniture put you into a celebratory mood. The atmosphere is crowned by the splendid room height: 4.45 metres. The outstanding acoustics of the main dining room make it a wonderful place to organise concerts and dances.

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