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Outdoor route of Heinämäki
Heinämäen ulkoilureitti starts from the centre of Varkaus, from the Huruslahti end of Rajakatu street. The route goes along shores to Vattuvuori hill and from there it continues via the hiking lodge of Honkapirtti to Heinämäki. The outdoor recreation route of Heinämäki is 15 km long and it is well marked on the terrain and lighted up to the Honkapirtti lodge. You can go on the route by mountain bike, hiking or skiing. The hiking lodge in Heinämäki is located in a wilderness area called Inari.

Nature Trail of Härkämäki
The nature trail length of 1300 m surrounds the observatory of Härkämäki in Kangaslampi and includes science-related task points. The terrain of Härkämäki is an excellent place to make trips, when the ground is thawed, by hiking or in the winter with snowshoes.

Nature Trail of Kotkanpolku
Located in Joroinen, the 7 km nature trail of Kotkanpolku goes through the terrain of Kotkanjarju ridge, some of which is protected. Hiking on this nature trail is a truly wonderful experience year-round because every season brings its own colour and fragrance to the landscape.

Nature trail of Kämäri
The 3 km nature trail of the naturally beautiful Island of Kämäri is located near the city centre and is therefore an excellent choice if you want to see the beautiful outdoors of Varkaus without long distant transitions between places. Hikers on this trail can enjoy the lush environment, the rushing sound of the flowing water and, with luck, you can see the symbolic animal of Varkaus, the otter.

Canoeing routes
The diverse bodies of water in Varkaus offer excellent opportunities for taking a canoe trip. Options are Tour of Soisalo and Varkaus-Leppävirta-Suonenjoki -route. There are good selection of marked landing places in both routes.

The Nature Trail of Orinoro Ravine
Located in Leppävirta on the Island of Soisalo on Mustinmäki hill, the Orinoro Ravine is a popular destination for the whole family and leaves no one unmoved.The length of the Orinoro Ravine is about 100 m and its depth is nearly 20 m. At the bottom of the ravine there is a bubbling spring and the snow and ice remain there until June. Visitors can choose between taking a 3 km or 7 km hike.

Fitness and Nature Trail of Peis
The 4.3 km long fitness and nature trail of Peis is located along the Joenmäenvuori hill in Harjuranta and passes near the Nature Church and lean-to of Harjuranta, which makes it easy for hikers to also stop by these points of interest also.