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Welcome to the city center by boat!

Lake Saimaa waterways extend to the city centre and there is a brand new pier for the boaters, located near services.

Watch the video by Jere Koistinen!

Piers in Päiviönsaari and Taulumäki for visiting boats:

  • the pier of waterfront market square on the shore of Hertunranta, conveniently located near services
  • the pier by the Laivanrakentajat statue, Rantapuisto
  • the pier in front of Navitas for the big boats, in Päiviönsaari

Piers in Kommila:

  • the pier situated between Miilukuja and Hevosharjukatu

The city center is entered by passing under a low rail bridge. The rail bridge is opened from the Taipale canal, tel. +358 (0)20 637 3995, after which the pier of Navitas is available for docking.

In the city center, Huruslahti is accessible from the Pirtinvirta bridge, which is four meters high. The piers of the Laivanrakentajat statue and the waterfront market square are located on the shore of Hertunranta. The shopping street Kauppakatu is located nearby.