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In 1858 the factories of Paul Wahl ordered the construction of the building of the Local History Centre of Varkaus for Sannfrid Theofron Hällström, who was employed as the factory doctor. According to the floor plan described in the 1942 memoirs of Johannes (Hannes) Hällström, the youngest son of Mr. Hällström, there were seven rooms in the main building, including the doctor’s office and waiting room. A stream named Wahl flowed parallel to the building and there was a swimming room on its shore.

Mrs. Anna Hällström enjoyed nature. In the yard there was a kitchen garden, flower beds and ornamental shrubs. Specialties include plants sown on the grass; their seeds were brought from the botanical gardens of the University of Helsinki by classmates of Johannes. The rare plants were still growing in 1941!

Mr. Hällström and his wife Anna Katarina Lovisa Hällström had four sons. The musical legacy of both families continued in a lively manner in the house. Sannfrid played a lot of music with his sons and his wife Anna was a piano teacher to children of the gentry. The house functioned as a health care centre and also in many respects as the local centre of music and culture.

Today the building is owned by the Warkaus-seura ry and functions as the Varkaus Hometown Centre. The appearance of the residence of the former doctor and people’s hut has been restored to its original design. The building is used by Restaurant Tyyskänhovi, which is used for various events, meetings, family gatherings, daily meals etc.

Varkaus Hometown Centre
Wredenkatu 4, 78250 Varkaus
tel. +358 (0)17 552 8889