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Painting by Keijo Pesonen

Art Centre Väinölä is an idyllic wooden house in the shadow of birch trees in the centre of Varkaus. In three gallery rooms – White hall – Blue moment – Twilight – there are changing art exhibits throughout the year.  Furthermore there is an extensive basic collection of graphics, watercolours and sculptures in the building. Väinölä has professional framing, and a shop that sells artist supplies and posters. Visitors can rest in a cosy café.

In addition to the exhibitions, a mesmerizing paper doll theatre will be presented. 

The summer tradition of Art Centre Väinölä is an extensive exhibition of naive art “Naïve Artists in Varkaus”. It has received a lot of good reviews from visitors and the exhibit is eagerly awaited. 

Kalakukko the street train also lives in Väinölä and the tours are narreted by Marja-Muusa Hämäläinen. You can also order the street train for your own ride during summer. The train has a roof and open windows and can take up to 30 people at time. Themed guides available if needed. 

Väinölä was originally a log house built for two families by A.Ahlström Oy in 1913 and functioned as housing for company executives until 1983. The original name of the building Väinölä has survived with dignity as the function has changed into a Varkaus haven of arts.


Ahlströminkatu 8-10, 78250 Varkaus
tel. +358 (0)400 487 401äinölä