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The caves of Peis Immonen are located near the nature trail of Harjuranta on Joemäkivuori hill. According to tradition, this cave system was inhabited during the summers in the early 1900s by a single man named Peis. There are very funny stories about Peis. According to one story, he only travelled by skis even in the summer. Nowadays Peis is awakened into his kingdom if groups coming to the cave system submit their order with sufficient time.

One of the programme numbers of the Vekara-Varkaus Festival week organised in June in Varkaus has been a visit to the cave of Peis and the collaboration will likely continue this summer too. After all, the treasure chest and keys hidden by Peis haven’t been found yet…

Here you can see photos of beautiful nature church and nature trail of Harjuranta. Also some photos of The Caves of Peis Immonen. Timo Heinonen, 2011.

The Caves of Peis Immonen and other attractions of Harjuranta on a map

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