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High up on a ridge, the unique characteristics of the house of Manttaalisäätiö (land owners’ foundation), called “Manttu”, distinguish it from the landscape of the centre of Kangaslampi. Designed by architect Oiva Kallio, the White Guard house has white plastered walls and was completed in 1923-1926. The building suffered a very destructive fire right before its inauguration. After the disaster the decision was made to build it even higher. The house of manttaalisäätiö has served a variety of purposes. Originally intended to be a building for the White Guard, the building was the site of city council meetings, among other things, until 1937. The building has also served as a courthouse, school, apartments of the savings bank, municipal hall and as an artist studio. When the White Guard organisation was disbanded in 1944, ownership of the building went to the manttaalikunta (local association of landowners). The building’s nickname “Manttu” comes from manttaalisäätiö. In 1990 ownership of the building was transferred to the municipality of Kangaslampi and when Kangaslampi became part of Varkaus, Manttu traded owners. In the year 2020 Manttu got private owners. The courtyard of the building contains two outbuildings, one of which is a stable designed by Oiva Kallio and converted into a residential building in the 1940s. The other outbuilding was built during the war as a storage and sauna facility.

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