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Evangelical Lutheran Church, Main Church of Varkaus
The main church of Varkaus, which was designed by architect Martti Palanen, was completed on the advent of the Winter War of World War II in 1939. The altar fresco painted in 1953–1954 by professor Lennart Segerstråle “”Tulkoon Sinun valtakuntasi” (Thy Kingdom Come) is a significant piece of art because it covers 240 square metres and is therefore one of the largest altar fresco in the Nordic countries. The main church of Varkaus is open daily in the summer but at other times it is only open during church events and by appointment.

Savontie 1
tel. +358 (0)40 749 0306
Tour reservations: +358 (0)40 702 7748

Orthodox Church

Completed in 1958, the church was designed by Kalevi Väyrynen and dedicated to the memory of the Feast of the Ascension. The altar table of the church comes from the old Valamo Monastery. The Orthodox church of Varkaus is open by appointment.

Relanderinkatu 5,
tel. +358 (0)20 6 100 345 / +358 (0)50 599 2692

Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kangaslampi
Designed by Kaj Michael, the church represents the modern art of construction. Completed in 1973, the points of interest in the church include the wooden alter sculpture “Elämänpuut” (Trees of Life) by Eeva Ryynänen. There are also items that were spared from the ruins of the church that burned in 1972 for visitors to see. Also on display is a book cloth made in the early 1600s.
The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kangaslampi is open during church events and otherwise by appointment.

Asematie 1, 79480 Kangaslampi
tel. +358 (0)40 737 0684

Harjuranta nature church
The Nature Church is located in Harjuranta on Joenmäevuori Hill. The church was built in year 2000 at nearly the highest point of the hill on a piece of land leased from the municipality. The church was inaugurated by Bishop Wille Riekkinen. The church is freely available for anyone to use. There is space in the church to seat about 40 peoples so it is a great place for small family events, for example. The village association organises a traditional proclamation of Christmas peace every year during the week of Christmas at the church.

Watch photos of beautiful natural environment of Valamo Monastery by Timo Heinonen 2011 here.

Harjurannan Kyläyhdistys ry (

Tel. 046 845 7213

The Church of St. George
The Church of St. George represents the Karelian and northern Russian church construction tradition and it has quickly become a place of pilgrimage and an attraction. The church was built in memory of Yuri Injushin and the praise of God, and it works under the auspices of the Orthodox Church of Varkaus. Open to public.

Kaitaistentie 345, 79690 Kaitainen
tel. +358 (0)44 725 7548


The Valamo Monastery

The Valamo Monastery is a living centre of Orthodox religious and cultural life. The peaceful atmosphere of the monastery and the surrounding environment provide a modern person with a unique opportunity to calm down far from all the hurry. The Valamo Monastery is located in Heinävesi, which has a beautiful natural environment. The monastery receives guests year-round and there is a hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, a souvenir and wine shop in the area. The Valamo Monastery provides visitors with guided tours, exhibits, wine tours and even boat trips.

tel. +358 (0)17 570 111 
sales tel. +358 (0)17 5701 810

The Lintula Convent
The Lintula Convent is located in the municipality of Heinävesi in the village of Palokki. The Lintula Convent came into being in 1894 when F.P.Neronov donated a farm for establishing the convent on the Karelian Isthmus in the village of Lintula. This first phase of the convent, Lintula Holy Trinity community for women, was actually established in 1895 but later the name was changed to a convent. The convent was named Lintula after the local village and river. The current director or igumenia of the convent is Mother Marina. The Lintula Convent serves travellers in June-August daily and by appointment in May, September and October. There is a café, souvenir shop, guest rooms and presentations of the convent in Lintula.

Honkasalontie 3, 79830 Palokki
tel. +358 (0)40 485 7603