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Warkauden Kassiopeia ry, a hobby astronomy association, has built a diverse hiking and leisure time destination by volunteers in the middle of the Savo backwoods in Kangaslampi. In the Härkämäki area there is an observatory, shelter, lean-to and new clubhouse which functions great as a destination for meetings, events and family trips. At the panoramic location on the side of the hill there is a large shelter and lean-to.

The observatory of Härkämäki is equipped with a modern telescope and accessories. The location of the observatory 160 metres above sea level in an area with no light pollution offers ideal conditions for observing stars. The scenery on the hill is eye-catching and the view south from the tower is nearly perfect.

See comets, planets and thousands of deep-sky objects with your own eyes!
It’s the experience of a lifetime to see the rings of Saturn, the gas belts of Jupiter, the Andromeda Galaxy, or the many craters of our closest neighbour the moon with your own eyes. At times there are also comets visible in our sky; their tails have always charmed people. The numerous galaxies give an idea of the nature of our own Milky Way, and in what kind of environment our own Solar System is located. From the Milky Way, you can see many star clusters, the nebula of forming stars, and the remnants of dead stars, such as planetary nebulae and super nova remnants.

Observation evenings of the Warkauden Kassiopeia Association are held at Härkämäki during the dark period of the year once a week depending on the weather. It is also possible to order these for visiting groups interested in astronomical phenomena at a separately agreed time.

At the observatory site there is a 1300 m nature trail with science-related task points. The terrain of Härkämäki is an excellent place to make trips when the ground is thawed by hiking or in the winter with snowshoes.

The observatory is located about 30 km from the centre of Varkaus.

Warkauden Kassiopeia ry
Härkämäentie 88, 79480 Kangaslampi
Tel. +358 (0)40 701 1625