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The Nature Church is located in Harjuranta on Joenmäevuori Hill. The church was built in year 2000 at nearly the highest point of the hill on a piece of land leased from the municipality. The church was inaugurated by Bishop Wille Riekkinen. The church is freely available for anyone to use. There is space in the church to seat about 40 peoples so it is a great place for small family events, for example. The hundreds of names and positive comments in the guest book of the nature church demonstrate that there is truly a need for this kind of place. The village association organises a traditional proclamation of Christmas peace every year during the week of Christmas at the church.

Located next to the nature church is a lean-to called Peis, which is available for hikers, visitors to the church and event organisers.
The fitness and nature trail of Peis makes a 4.3 km loop in the area of the nature church and Peis lean-to.

The cave system of Peis Immonen is also located in Joenmäkivuori hill. According to tradition, this cave system was inhabited during the summers in the early 1900s by a single man named Peis. There are very funny stories about Peis. According to one story, he only travelled by skis even in the summer. Nowadays Peis is awakened into his kingdom if groups coming to the cave system submit their order with sufficient time.

Photos of beautiful environment of nature church and nature trail of Harjuranta by Timo Heinonen 2011 can be seen here.