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Frisbee golf parks in Varkaus

In the Lemmensillanpuisto park of Joutenlahti bay of Varkaus there is a 12 hole Frisbee golf course in which holes 1-7 and a practice basket are located in Lemmensillanpuisto park and holes 8-12 are located in Esa Pakarinen park, on the shore of Joutenlahti bay.
This Frisbee golf course is truly friendly for beginners but there are challenges for the more experienced frisbee golfers as well.

Frisbee golf course map 

Vattuvuori DiscGolfPark
In the Vattuvuori Ski Center of Varkaus there is a 18 hole Frisbee golf course. This Frisbee golf course is suitable also for demanding taste.

Frisbee golf course map

Disc Golf Varkaus ry
There is a frisbee golf club in Varkaus, Disc Golf Varkaus ry, which organises open competitions, regular weekly competitions, as well as competitions just for members, such as club championships.

Disc Golf Varkaus ry,