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Photo: Metsähallitus

The wilderness Kolovesi National Park offers a pleasant environment for canoeing or rowing in the midst of natural peace. The restful mood of Kolovesi is created by the quietness that is filled only with nature’s own sounds. The landscape is dominated by rock cliffs rising up to 40 m straight up from the water. The rugged landscape was carved by the last ice age. The ruggedly beautiful Ukonvuori hill captures visitors’ eyes in the eastern part of the park, and human figures painted on a rock show evidence of ancient hunters from the Stone Age.

Another remnant of the ice age is the world’s most endangered seal, the Saimaa Ringed Seal. Its ancestors were left stranded when Lake Saimaa was separated from the Baltic Seal after the ice age. Kolovesi is one of the last habitats of this original inhabitant of Lake Saimaa.

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Traveling by petrol-powered motors is not allowed in Kolovesi National Park, but a boat cruise is possible with the electric boat named “Ecoboat”. The vessel moves without noise and guests can view the scenery comfortably while sitting on leather sofas.
Sightseeing cruises in Kolovesi National Park

You can also go canoeing with rented equipment.
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