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Sport center Kunnonsali offers a wide range of sport services in Päiviönsaari. Open 24/7 for members.

Ahlströminkatu 23, 78250 Varkaus  
+358 552 3322

Ole.Fit offers a modern gym environment in the city center. There are also group exercise classes both in the gym and online. 24/7 gym.

Laivalinnankatu 19, 78200 Varkaus
+358 44 980 8552

Energy Fitness Club
Energy Fitness Club is a modern 24/7 gym in the city center downstairs of Forum.

Pirnankatu 4, 78200 Varkaus
044 236 68 20

Naisten sali
Naisten sali is a gym for women in the city center downstairs of Forum. A wide selection of group exercise classes and a 24/7 possibility.

Pirnankatu 4, 78200 Varkaus
040 564 3557

The outside gym of Hertunranta
A completely free putside gym on the beach of Hertunranta has for example exercise bikes and weights for lifting.

The activity park for the elderly
In Hertunranta, in the end of Rajakatu, there is an activity park for the elderly. In the park you can exercise for example coordination and balance.

The gym of the swimming hall Ilopisara
There is a gym downstairs of the swimming hall.

Ahlströminkatu 11, 78250 Varkaus
044 4442270

Varkaus Sport Building
There is a gym downstairs of the Sport Building.

Järvelänkatu 12, 78210 Varkaus
040 7718700