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Tennis has deep roots in Varkaus since office employees of A. Ahlström company “introduced” the sport to Varkaus in the early 1920s.

Nowadays Warkauden tennisklubi is responsible for tennis activity in Varkaus and runs junior activity, organises tennis courses and rents tennis courts.
During winter tennis can be played in Varkaus at the bubble hall of Kisapuisto and in the summer at the mass court of Kosulanniemi or at the outdoor court located next to the bubble hall of Kisapuisto.

Reserving the courts of Kosulanniemi is possible:

-Online: WebTimmi
-In the reception of swimming hall Ilopisara
-By calling Ilopisara 044 – 444 2270 (When the hall is open)


In the summer 2020 reserving the courts is free of charge and can be done by putting your information on a notebook on the courts.