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A relaxed holiday enjoying leisured life in Savo

Fancy instruments have taken over the Mechanic Music Museum in Varkaus! Music is playing and fun stories are being told during a guided a tour. After museum experience you can head to Torni Terrace Café and observation deck to enjoy delices and a spectacular view over the whole city.

A Cheerful ambience is waiting for you in the exhibition of naive arts in art centre Väinölä. The idyllic building is like made for warm and happy naive art. Also available an adventure to art for families, puppet shows on Tuesdays, Kalakukko street train rides and weekly events in June and August.

Just by Väinölä you can find the memorial exhibition of painter and graphic designer Meeri Torvinen (1933-2018) in the museum of art of Varkaus. In the canal museum of Taipale you can enjoy the doll animation “summerday in Haminalahti 1830” by Raija Lahtinen. It includes three-dimensional snapshots depicting the life of the family of Julius von Wright. In the historical central offices of the mills in July you can find the jubilee exhibition of the art association of Varkaus.

The over 200-year-old industrial history of Varkaus is strongly present in the everyday life of the town and the area Old Varkaus built around the industrial buildings is full of unique architecture. You can get to know Old Varkaus in the museum of Varkaus or by taking a walk with Old Varkaus and Alvar Aalto in Varkaus brochures.

As of July you can also visit Finland’s only tattooing museum in Varkaus.

Food & drink

When your stomach starts taking noises, the best destination is Hertunranta. It is a popular meeting place that offers nutrition for both body and soul. The renewed container restaurant Morton offers you the best burgers and salads of the area made from local ingredients. Just a short distance away, also by the river, restaurant Harri’s Kitchen with its beautiful terraces serves delicious local food, especially fish.

The restaurant of Hotel Oscar serves high-quality food at nighttime, you can enjoy for example local caviar and salmon in the restaurant. The Chinese restaurant of Päiviönsaari with its wide selection of sushis and the popular Kiina Keittiö on Kauppakatu are known for their delicious dishes and great service.

The canal cafe of Taipale, the cafe of guest marina, the old train station of Varkaus, the musical cafe of Kukkakievari, the summercafe of KinkamonAalto and Forum’s Gaffer-Cafe also offer unique culinary experiences

To the lake

You can enjoy the beautiful waters surrounding Varkaus by boat or on a cruise. You can rent your own boat, order a cruise for your group on an electric boat, a motorboat or a steam boat or take a cruise to spa Järvisydän.

Getting festive

The events of the summer of Varkaus offer things to see and do for travelers. On summer 2019 there are four different funny and entertaining open-air theatres in Varkaus. The children’s festival week Vekara-Varkaus is celebrating its 25th anniversary 10.-16.6. The classical music festival Varkauden KesäKlassinen 10.-14.7. creates amazing music experiences and beautiful moments in unique concert venues. Joroinen Music Festival 19.-28.7. offers a wide selection of the best of classical music. Music festival Sampea ja Samppanjaa 9.-10.8. gathers the best of Finnish pop and rock in Varkaus along with culinary experiences,

Welcome to enjoy culture and cuisine in Varkaus!
Terassikahvila Torni