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Warkauden Kassiopeia ry organizes Solar Sunday IX in Taurus Hill observatory 21.7. from 14 to 18. The event celebrates the memory of professor V. A. Heiskanen (1895 – 1971) who was born in Kangaslampi, Varkaus. Before the event you can get to know the monument of solar eclipses in Kurenlahti at 13. This year the event is organized completely by Warkauden Kassiopeija ry, so a professional speaker will not be heard because of financial reasons.

The initial timetable:
13.00 Getting to know the monument of solar eclipses
14.00 Opening the event in the clubhouse of Taurus Hill observatory
14.15 Presentation by Jorma Honkanen: How can I start my astronomy hobby?
15.00 Coffee break and getting to know the observatory, watching the Sun weather permitting.
16.00 Presentation by Veli-Pekka Hentunen: The exoplanet observations of Taurus Hill observatory
16.45 Getting to know the observatory and watching the Sun

Taurus Hill observatory
Härkämäentie 88
79480 Kangaslampi