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Canal Cafe operates in the Canal Museum in the Summer. 

At the canal area of Taipale you can watch ships at the edge of the canal that is part of the deep channel of Saimaa. The height difference of the upper and lower side is about five metres, and it is interesting to watch the canal locks in action. At the same time you can learn about the 170-year-old canal built of stone and take the charming canal path that is guided with information boards. The centre point of the area is the Canal Museum. 

The permanent exhibition of the Canal Museum ” Via Canalia” has a display that includes a scale model of the canal area of Taipale circa 1905 and the old equipment from the canal tower. Additionally visitors can become familiar with the operation of the canal by means of virtual canal locks. There are also video presentations “Taipale Canal, Busy Waterway”, which contains a summary of different events – log floating, steam boating regatta, canal festivals – from the waters of Varkaus, as well as “Kalakukko”, trip by residents of Varkaus on a barge to local waters to fish and pick berries. There are also different exhibitions in the Canal Museum. 

Canal Cafe
Canal area of Taipale
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