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The barn cafe of the farm Humiseva Harju is situated in the village of Harjuranta. The cafe will be open 15-18 from Friday to Sunday until the end of July. The farm is over 100 years old and nowadays produces organic products. The owner belongs to the fifth generation cultivating the land.

The barn cafe serves organic products and homemade pastries. For nostalgia lovers there is a lot to see, for example old farming tools. The cafe is open by order other times too and the cafe wishes a notification if you are coming as a big group.

The farm of Humiseva Harju is part of Varkauden KesäKlassinen Music festival with longer visiting hours, the cafe serves 11.7. 18 ->.


Riika Paukkonen
Humiseva Harju farm
Mankilansaarentie 178 B
78710 Varkaus
Facebook: Humisevan Harjun tila
tel. 040 0663813