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Nature trail of Kämäri

The 3 km nature trail of the naturally beautiful Island of Kämäri is located near the city centre and is therefore an excellent choice if you want to see the beautiful outdoors of Varkaus without long distant transitions between places. The nature trail of Kämäri begins from the northern end of the island, from the shore of Ämmäkoski rapids and winds its way between Ämmäkoski and Taipale Canal. There are 16 check points along the trail marked with otter symbols. Hikers on this trail can enjoy the lush environment, the rushing sound of the flowing water and, with luck, you can see the symbolic animal of Varkaus, the otter.

Fitness and Nature Trail of Peis

The 4.3 km long fitness and nature trail of Peis is located along the Joenmäenvuori hill in Harjuranta and passes near the Nature Church and lean-to of Harjuranta, which makes it easy for hikers to also stop by these points of interest also. The nature trail of Harjuranta is called the Peis fitness and nature trail because according to tradition, a man named Peis lived in the cave system located in the area during the summers in the early 1900s. There are very funny stories about him. According to one story, he only travelled by skis even in the summer.
It’s a good idea to take a break from the trail to the Peis caves to wonder and cool off, taking your thoughts back in time, even back to Peis’ time…

Have a look at photos of beautiful environment of nature church and nature trail of Harjuranta by Timo Heinonen 2011.

More information about the Fitness and Nature Trail of Peis in Finnish can be found here.

Nature Trail of Kotkanpolku

Located in Kotkatharju Sport Centre (Kotkatlahdentie 186, Joroinen), the 7 km nature trail of Kotkanpolku goes through the terrain of Kotkanharju ridge, some of which is protected. Hiking on this nature trail is a truly wonderful experience year-round because every season brings its own colour and fragrance to the landscape. Spring is full of singing of birds. In the heat of summer, the light on the surface of ponds makes hikers pause. Silence is a treat for your ears on a walk to pick mushrooms on an autumn morning. Stop, breathe and look around you.

More information about Nature Trail of Kotkanpolku in Finnish:

The Nature Trail of Orinoro Ravine

Located in Leppävirta on the Island of Soisalo on Mustinmäki hill, the Orinoro Ravine is a popular destination for the whole family and leaves no one unmoved. Walk along the marked nature trail to the vertical walled gorge carved by glaciers and roast sausages at the lean-to on the shore of a pond. The length of the Orinoro Ravine is about 100 m and its depth is nearly 20 m. At the bottom of the ravine there is a bubbling spring and the snow and ice remain there until June. Visitors can choose between taking a 3 km or 7 km hike. The nature trail begins either at the Mustamäki school or the parking area of Hanhiahontie road.

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Orinoron rotko panorama/ of Varkaus