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The district of Old Varkaus is a nationally significant built cultural environment. All of the buildings of the area are protected.

After A. Ahlström Oy purchased the factories of Varkaus in 1909 the company launched intensive efforts to develop the city, and a giant leap forward was taken. There were renowned architects working for the factory, including Ivar and Valter Thomé, Karl Lindahl and Alvar Aalto. Visible memorials from those times include the factory’s bell tower, Waltterin Puisto, old public kitchen building, which is now the location of a new restaurant with an old-time atmosphere, the school building beside it; the factory school and the coeducational school at the bend of Savon road. Several beautiful buildings have survived in the wooden house district of Kommila for officers and workers, and in the holiday cottage area of Kosulanniemi.

Visitors can become familiar with Old Varkaus by ordering a guided tour or on your own with a walking mobile tour. The information board of Reitti 16 in Päiviönsaari and Kommila present the area’s building culture.
Mobile tour to Old Varkaus

Guidance for a tour of Old Varkaus can be ordered from Konjunktuuri and walking tour brochures are available from Varkaus Tourist Info, which is located in the Hotel Oscar.

Explore more rich architecture heritage of Varkaus:

City of Layers exhibition, Varkaus Museum
Valter and Ivar Thomé – Architect Brothers in Varkaus, Varkaus Museum
Old Varkaus in fall colours, video by Timo Heinonen
Photos of beautiful Old Varkaus area by Timo Heinonen