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The Spa Hotel Kuntoranta
Regular dances are being organised in Kuntoranta especially during summer.
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The incoming events (in Finnish)
Dances, concerts and karaoke evenings (in Finnish)

Kuntorannantie 14
78400 Varkaus
Tel. +358 (0)17 560 1403


In Tulenliekki you can enjoy all kinds of different events such as traditional dances, performances by well-known Finnish artists and delicious food. Apart from this you can also celebrate your birthdays or wedding or perhaps spend a night with your co-workers and relax. 

Jylhäntie 30
79700 Leppävirta
Tel. +358 (0)44 980 5400

Salmen lava
Salmen lava is located in the middle of Finnish nature in the shore of Syvänsi lake, in Jäppilä. It is about 26 kilometres from Varkaus centre.

Maavedentie 107
77570 Jäppilä

Events at Salmen lava (in Finnish)

Peiposjärven talo
Every summer an event called The Nostalgy Night is being organised in the people’s house called Peiposjärven talo. Peiposjärven talo is located in Siikamäki-Peiposjärvi village which is around 26 kilometres from Varkaus centre.  

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